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Letter from the Inventor

"The standard rail bolt is as much of a pain to use now as it was in the beginning.

Please take the short time to become familiar with the Spring Bolt. You'll be amazed with the time it will save, and the many new doors it can open for you and your business.

Thank you,

Roger Rock
Stair Builder of 25 Years
and Inventor, Spring Bolt
Pat. Pending



Scroll to the bottom of our linked Sample Proposal to view our suggested language.

Whether selling to a home owner, builder or a developer:


...by informing the customer on your proposal that you use the Spring Bolt, a load tested, concealed hardware on all of your railing joints and post to floor attachments. See the sample proposal.

When you present your proposal to your customer have a sample of the Spring Bolt in hand and tell them there will be:

  • NO putty
  • NO nail guns
  • NO wood plugs

You can tell them, with complete honesty, the Spring Bolt provides the best looking, strongest joint possible. Let them know that the Post Spring Bolt is set in epoxy. The post will never become loose and is the strongest post attachment hardware on the market.

When your competition submits their proposal without mention of the Spring Bolt you will not just look better, you will BE better than your competition. You are offering a better looking installation with a load tested connection. And, because Spring Bolt installs in less time than conventional rail bolts, it will cost you less labor and allow you to be very competitively priced.

Remember these other advantages of Spring Bolt:

No special tools and no precision drilling, resulting in a reduced level of skill required for installation. Installs with a drill, paddle bit and a driver bit. See video for demonstration.

Thoughts from a Stair Builder of 25 Years:

I know that this gets jobs. I have been inserting the Spring Bolt clause into all of my proposals and getting that badly needed "edge" over my competition for 9 months. I point out the use of the Spring Bolt when I submit my proposal to insure that the customer will look for the Spring Bolt on my competitor's proposals. Since this is a new invention there are not a lot of stair builders aware of the Spring Bolt's existence. As I use the Spring Bolt edge, I am hoping my competition won't find out about it until after the work picks up.
                                                     Roger Rock
                                                     Stair Builder of 25 Years and
                                                     Inventor, Spring Bolt Pat. Pending

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These demo videos show how simple Spring-Bolt is!

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