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Letter from the Inventor

"The standard rail bolt is as much of a pain to use now as it was in the beginning.

Please take the short time to become familiar with the Spring Bolt. You'll be amazed with the time it will save, and the many new doors it can open for you and your business.

Thank you,

Roger Rock
Stair Builder of 25 Years
and Inventor, Spring Bolt
Pat. Pending


Users of the Spring-Bolt Speak Out

"Please find a photo of a railing system I designed and built using your great Spring-Bolt hardware. Love the system!"

- James Stathis

"Roger, thank you so much for answering my call the other day! It was so nice to be able to reach you to answer my installation questions. What a pleasure and surprise to have such customer service! It's such a rare occasion now days to be able to call and talk to someone that can really help you on your project. Thanks again."

- Mark Daniels
Raleigh, NC

"Austin Stairs, a company that does all things stairs, uses Spring-Bolts as a substitute to traditional staples, screws and rail bolts. Spring-Bolt has these features:

  1. Uses simple tools and installation techniques
  2. Quicker to install
  3. Provides a much cleaner finish
  4. Attachment joint is secure and stronger than other handrail fastening solutions

Of course there are other ancillary advantages like the ability to quickly and easily test fit the components and to provide quick and easy positioning adjustment. Once installed a Spring-Bolt joint looks and is flawless unlike it's competitors. Here's a practical example. I was on a job site yesterday and noticed a newel post hole patch in an expensive home. Spring-Bolt eliminates the need for and labor used to create and cover these unsightly or, in best case, it's-just-a-bit-off hole patches.

Of course pricing or, better stated, comparative pricing is always a concern. Spring-Bolt parts, by themselves, are more costly than many of its competitive products. However, when one compares the many advantages of Spring-Bolt against its competitors, Spring-Bolt is the least-costly solution. For professionals or amateurs alike Spring-Bolt is the superior rail fastening solution assuming you want an easy-to-install, get-it-done-right-the-first-time solution purchased at an affordable price."

- Robert Allen
Austin Stairs

"Hi Deana,

Used the Spring-Bolt on a handrail return. The Spring-Bolt was faster and, more importantly, more accurate than my usual method. Good product."

- Thanks for the tip,

"I did pick up some of your Spring Bolts locally. They exceeded my expectations. It cut a lot of time off of the handrail install at no extra cost in materials.

A wonderful product! I tossed my stock of rail bolts. Went back to my lumber company and bought 20 sets of yours just to stock on the truck. Dropping a visual sample at my hardwood supplier."

- Mark

"I am a typical older home owner who can do most home improvement projects. Recently I started a renovation project that would include new stair handrails. After many hours searching the internet, I came across rockwoodworks.com web site. I contacted Roger Rock and set up an appointment to meet with him and discuss my project. After meeting and reviewing with him, I asked him when he would have time to install it, Roger stated that they were very busy, but that I would be able to do the project. I informed Roger that I have very simple tools and was not a master carpenter. That's when Roger introduced me to his new patented Spring-Bolt Fastener for joining the many pieces required to assemble a stair case rail.

You simply drill a 5/8" hole in the two adjoining pieces, screw in the spring bolts, twist the two parts together, add glue, done. I was astounded by how simple this device was and how well it worked. Thanks to Roger's Spring Bolt Fastener I was able to install the stair handrail and save several hundreds of dollars and time by not having to hire a master carpenter. If you are handy and can drill holes in wood, you too can install stairrails and handrails yourself."

- Earl & Janet Coombs
Palm Beach Gardens, FL

"Thank you again for all of your assistance and support; the customer service I received was outstanding. This was the first railing I did in about 15 years and it turned out beautifully; better than most professional jobs I have seen recently. I must say that I was a bit hesitant at first because most of the time the "As seen on TV" and home show demos of new product do not live up to their expectations once you get them home. However that was not the case with the Spring Bolt, in fact it exceeded all of my expectations. It was extremely easy to use and much more forgiving then a rail bolt. I was able to line up the profiles exactly. One practice run on a piece of scrap and I was confident to start my railing using the Spring Bolt. This is an amazing product and I think it will soon be the future of railings.

- Mike C. (New Jersey)

Note: This is a common response by first-time users! Carpenters and other new users love the SpringBolt.

"Thank you very much for sending the spring bolts, they arrived yesterday. I gave a few to my workshop foreman to use, and I must say we are extremely happy with the result. The speed, simplicity, accuracy and strength achieved is truly outstanding. I must congratulate you on creating such an innovative solution to what up until now was always a time consuming problem. Once again, thank you very much for sending me these outstanding bolts."

- Mike Caulfield
The Bayfield Stair Company

"Great product."

- Alan Michener
Michener, Inc.

Users of the Spring-Bolt Discover These Advantages:

  • Quicker
  • Easier
  • More Versatile (Has More Uses)
  • Totally Concealed
  • Opens the Door for the Use of Epoxy
  • Installs High
  • 3 Sizes Available
  • Rail Connector
  • Super Rail Connector
  • Post Attachment

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