The Spring-Bolt is the only hardware that can be placed on a work bench and can provide ALL of plusses listed below.

  1. Creates a blind or concealed attachment:
    No wood plugs, wood trim or putty needed to hide the hardware.
  2. Installs with 2 common tools:
    A drill bit and a driver. No special tools, tool kits or jigs are the only tools needed to complete installation.
  3. Installs in a relatively short period of time:
    2 to 4 minutes is all the time it takes to complete the installation.
  4. Can assemble a railing system dry before making all joints final to take away the scare-factor that is associated with installing wood railings:
    Once installed the joint can be assembled dry in 4 seconds to check for fit and then disassembled in 4 seconds to apply glue and then re assembled to make the joint permanent. If you want to make an adjustment cut on the joint you unscrew the spring from the bottom of the hole---trim/cut the wood & re install the spring in the base of the hole. That takes about 25 seconds.
  5. Installs high in the rail profile allowing you to drill for a baluster on the joint without hitting the hardware with the drill bit: With 4" as the maximum allowable distance between balusters there is a good chance that you will have to drill a hole for a baluster near the joint.
  6. Requires a moderate level of skill:
    Perfect for the do-it-yourselfer - Hole location and depth are not critical.
  7. Allows for joint alignment after the joint is together:
    After the hardware is installed, glue has been applied and the joint has been twisted together components can be adjusted 1/8" in all directions. Huge advantage when you want to align posts that are in a straight line (string line top and bottom) or when you are trying to align rail profiles. The better the alignment the less sanding you have to do to blend the profiles later on.
  8. Works on 90 degree joints:
    A huge time saver and it also results in a flawless joint. After making 2, 45-degree cuts for making a 90 degree joint on a railing you always hold the 2 pieces together for a second or 2 to admire how nice the joint looks. How ever you know that the next challenge is to make the joint and achieve that same look you have when you held the 2 pieces together. The Spring-Bolt is designed to allow 1/8" movement in all directions which makes it possible for you to perfectly align the joint before the glue locks up. This cannot be obtained using any other hardware or methods.
  9. Can carry the required loads:
    I called a number of railing hardware re sellers, distributors, deck builders and remodelers to ask if they have any railing hardware that meets this one single point "Can you give me any information on load test results for the hardware you use for your post and railing attachments?" I said "I especially want a hardware that is designed for surface mounting so I could install my railing on top of the deck. By mounting on top of the decking I do not have to notch my decking around my post". Every company said "NO". 
  10. The Spring-Bolt surface mounted hardware has PASSED load testing on guardrails built using hardwoods and soft woods like pressure treated and soft pine.
  11. Our hardware works with either pressure treated wood or hardwood, indoors or outdoors.