Newel Post-to-Deck Spring Bolt™ System Kit (Exterior), HL Series Kit #42





Requires SLOW SET Epoxy (See Below). 1 pint will install 2 1/2 kits.

This kit is designed for use on posts that are made from softer woods such as P.T. pine or cedar posts and posts that stand alone on the end of a guard rail. The metal pin on the HL (High Load)  Series penetrates up into the bottom of the post 3” farther that the standard Post To Deck Kit. Drill a 1 3/8” hole 3 3/8” into the deck and 6 3/8” up into the post, attach springs in the base of both holes, fill both holes ½ full of epoxy, insert the metal pin and twist the post into the spring in the deck approximately 3 turns after the post has come in contact with the deck. (Click on VIDEO below)

Suitable for Exterior (AND INTERIOR) use.