Super Rail Spring Bolt™ Kit #20





Joins 2 Pieces Of Rail To Make A Longer Rail And For Making Butt Joints In Large Rail Profiles.

Requires Epoxy, 1 Pint of slow set epoxy will Install 13 Kits. 1 cartridge of quick set epoxy will install 2 to 3 kits.

Use 1″ drill bit & drill a 2.25″ deep hole in both sides of the Joint. Attach a spring to the bottom of both holes. Fill both holes half full of epoxy and place a layer of epoxy on both sides of the joint. Insert the pin in either spring and twist together. Once the pieces are together twist 1 to 1.5 more turns to create the clamping pressure needed to make the joint permanent. Align the profiles. Allow over night for the epoxy to cure before moving the joint. (you can use a quick set epoxy for a shorter cure time)